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 Category:  Mexico Ixtapa Zihuatanejo



This month has been excellent, we are still on the Prime time for the King of the In Shore Division the Rooster Fish and plenty of them have been caught and released, even when June, July & August is prime time for them and you can see the top Fishermen not only from America but Europe and all over the world in Zihua to have a battle with this warrior, now in September the only difference is that most of those fishermen are gone but the Roosters stayed longer this year, we are lucky to find them all year round but Prime time is something you donít want to miss. Among a few other fishermen that decided to take a chance on September, we can talk about Kevin from Minnesota that caught 9 Rooster and several big Jacks with Adolfo Aleman on the 2 Hermanos super panga. Of course we have a large variety of species for inshore and Jacks, Snooks, Spanish makares, Needle fish and many others can guarantee a day full filled of action.

Off Shore Action, we are on our low tourist season in Ixtapa & Zihuatanejo which means that not many people is in town which makes no difference for Fishing, weather is kind of crazy which I think is good and bad, Iíll let the Scientifics to tell you why is bad, but the good thing is that in Zihua these last years currents were favorable for fishing, Zihuatanejo has been recognized for been a fishing paradise but the action has increase a lot, just one small example is that this year we had the longest Marlin season, we usually find them with some luck all year round increasing the chances on Nov, Dec, Jan, MAR, APR, & May, but this year, prime time started in march and didnít stop till August, but not only finding them once in a while but you had almost the same chances to catch Marlin than finding Sail Fish (which we have plenty). Thatís about Marlin but Sail Fish is here all year round some weeks are better that others but you always have a chance, as you may know in Zihua going far or near makes no much difference due to the San Andres fall which provides of deep blue water minutes from the coast. worse scenario now a day in September due to our raining season we are not finding as many Sails as we are used to find in other months, but is not only prime time for Roosters but since the Rivers are bringing trees and vegetation to the sea, now a day every boat going out is coming back with 5 to 15 nice size Dorados (mahimahi) and even once in a while with sails, in Novembers usually things come back to normal and stars Prime time for all Off Shore species.

Excuse the spelling we do better fishing than talking.


 Feb 22, 2010; 11:03PM - IXtapa Zihuatanejo fishing report Feb 20 2010
 Category:  Mexico Ixtapa Zihuatanejo
 Author Name:  Stan Lushinsky


According tto Captain Temo Verboonen, owner/skipper of the Secuestro
De Amor, the offshore sailfish bite was much improved this past week
from Zihuatanejo. In fact, he rated the sailfish bite very good and
sustained throughout most of the days. Still plentty of floatingg
kelp around the area and starting to gather bait under the patches
and more dorado showing up. In general, the billfish were scattered
from about 6 miles and out to 20 miles but the concentration was
about 14 miles during the middle of the day. Temo also noted that
the fish were chasing fast trolled baits & lures at about 8-9 knots.
Some nicer sized yellowffin tuna came througgh at about 19 miles,
running with the porpoise, and averaging about 60 lbs. They bit hard
and fast and a variety of artificials.

The inshore fishing is still very good for jack cravelle, bonito and
Spanish mackerel, (Sierra) and some big roosterfish are showing up at
Pantla Beach, near Trancones. The roosters are only biting the live
bait, hooked between the head & dorsal fin, (which makes the bait go
deep). The roosters are holding in the deeper water and the top-
water poppers are not working at all.

I/Z Climate: Mostly cloudy but overall, good weather that ranged
from 71 nights to a toasty 89 daytime high.

Sea Conditions: A calm week with good temps that were stable at 81
inshore and rising to 82.5 offshore

Best fishing area: While the fish spread was pretty wide, it seemed
like the better billfish catching was during the middle of the day at
about 14 miles from Zihuatanejo Bay.

Best Bait/Lure: Rigged baits and artificials

 Category:  Mexico Ixtapa Zihuatanejo
 Author Name:  Stan Lushinsky


Our on-site representative and charter boat owner/skipper, Captain Temo Verboonen, reported that the fishing was very good in the early week but gradually tapered downward as the week progressed. Captain Chiro Barrigan, skipper of the 'Bloody Hook' reported a very good couple of days with two different angling customers that reflected 2 sailfish released on the first day and 3 sailfish released on the 2nd day. Temo had a report of one blue marlin landed, a 350-pounder and good reports of stripers being visually sighted but not being cooperative with the biting. Some of the boats were reporting a billfish or two but some were also reporting no fish for the day. The inshore fishing remains good for the jack cravelle and bonito and the roosterfish have also started biting, too, as this last rain opened the river mouths and the feed biomass has become more available from the river mouth outflows. There has also been some fair catches for amberjack with the Rapalas at the white rocks. Temo added, lots of floating seaweed and debris that should bring in more dorado within just a few days.

IZ Climate: Mostly cloudy with temps from 72 nights to 90 daytime highs.

Sea Conditions: Light surface breezes from the westerly directions, stable temps at 82-83 degrees, clear waters with a greenish tint extending 50 miles offshore.

Best Fishing Area: Not reported

Best Lure/Bait: Rigged trolling baits working best on the offshore billfish. Rapalas around the white rocks, live bait for the roosterfish.

 Category:  Mexico Ixtapa Zihuatanejo
 Author Name:  Stan


Captain Temo Verboonen provided a very favorable fish report for the
week that spanned a wide swath of waters throughout the Zihuatanejo
area. Most of the anglers had multiple opportunities for billfish
starting at about 2 miles from the Bay and out to about 12 miles or
so. Wyoming angler, Mark Kordus, landed and released 5 sailfish on
his first fishing day aboard the 'Bloody Hook'. The best bite was
taking place from just after sun rise and through the early A.M. and
slowing down later in the day. Along with the billfish catches were
a scattering of quality dorado in the mix, too. The inshore fishing,
especially in the area in front of Ixtapa beaches and Ixtapa Island,
were producing excellent numbers of jack cravelle that are chasing
the schools of sardines. Good results were to be had using the Mega-
Lure attached to 30 lb. fluorocarbon leaders and spinning tackle.
Also showing were some qualitty sized roosterfish to 65 bs. or so.

IZ Climate: Mostly cloudy days but warm and pleasant with temps from
69 nights to 90 daytime highs.

Sea Conditions: Light surface breezes, small swells and favorable
temps were consistent throughout the area and were holding at 81.5

Bait Supply: Remained readily available for the area

 Category:  Mexico Ixtapa Zihuatanejo
 Author Name:  Stan Lushinsky


Captain Temo Verboonen reports a much improved week for the
Zihuatanejo sport fishing fleet as the bite got better and better with
each passing day. He reported numerous sailfish being seen but still
not overly eager to bite and it was just a matter of finding the
hungry ones. Quite a few boats were reporting double strikes this
week and the overall catch numbers shot right up. The water clarity
has been very favorable this past week, and in conjunction with good,
stable sea temps, the dorado were again biting at about the 3-mile
mark, which was also a huge improvement from the last couple of
weeks. Most of the better bite has been early in the mornings with
the remainder of the day being on the slow-side, but even that has
improved over the past few days. Inshore fishing is good for smaller
fish, the sierra, jacks, needlefish, but still slow for the roosterfish.

IZ Climate: Mostly sunny & warm days with temps from 68 nights to 87
daytime highs.

Sea Conditions: Mostly calm with favorable temps at 84-85 and
excellent clarity. A pocket of warmer water is just west of Zihua
Bay and covers a small area of about 400 square milers, (20 miles X
20 miles or so).

Best fishing area: Starting at about 3 miles for dorado and working
on out from there for the sailfish.

Bait Supply: Continues to be readily available.

 May 6, 2008; 02:14AM - Ixtapa fish report
 Category:  Mexico Ixtapa Zihuatanejo
 Author Name:  Stan

April 30, 2008

Changeable conditions still exist in Ixtapa Zihautanejo as the spring turnover to warmer water conditions just does not want to set up. This has resulted in inconsistent days with some days providing good action while the very next day is void of any. It remains a puzzling situation. On the better days our captains are reporting 2 - 4 Shots at Sailfish with some Dorado Mixed in as well. Inshore Captain Adolofo reports wide open action on big Spanish mackerel up at Las Saladitas. Good Yellowtail Jack and small Roosterfish have also been present. Very few Marlin and No Yellowfin Tuna have been reported last week. Tomorrow Starts the Annual Billfish tournament and with an expected field of 100 boats we should ge t a good idea of the the bite when the tournament ends on Sunday.

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo weather: Sunny most days with a bitr of coulds starting to show up.

Sea Conditions: Calm

Bait Supply: Good


Stan Lushinsky

 Apr 7, 2008; 05:43PM - FIsh Report
 Category:  Mexico Ixtapa Zihuatanejo
 Author Name:  stan

April 2, 2008

Dramatically improved sea conditions along with a slight warming of the ocean temperatures brought in a more consistent offshore bite. Leading the way once again was captain Chiro on the Bloody Hook reporting a 300 Lb. Black Marlin along with 16 Sailfish and 1 monster Dorado for 5 days offshore. Captain Adolofo on the Dos Hermanos 1 reported 2 Sailfish , 8 big Spanish Mackerel and a handful of Bonitos in 2 days of fishing. Partner Captain Cheva on the Dos Hermanos 2 reported 2 Blue Marlin in the 150 - 160 Lb range along with 3 Sails. Captain Temo on the Secuestro reported 3 Sailfish and 1 Dorado in 3 offshore days. The blue water has moved to within the 5 mile mark and most of the better action is occurring just beyond that mark. Our captains are reporting that the fish are much more aggressive as the ocean temperatures become more favorable.

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo weather: Sunny Mild Temps

Sea Conditions: Calm

Bait Supply: Good

Stan Lushinsky

 Mar 17, 2008; 05:30PM - Ixtapa Zihuatanejo fish report
 Category:  Mexico Ixtapa Zihuatanejo
 Author Name:  Stan Lushinsky

MARCH 12, 2008

Cooler water temp continue to surround the Ixtapa Zihuatanejo area. Our captains are reporting some Yellowfin tuna action at the 30 mile mark. Most of the fish are between 20 - 30 lbs with a few going as high as 80 Lbs. A few Marlin were also reported this week with the largest scaling in at close to 400 Lbs. The inshore bite continues to be strong with good action on yellowtail jacks and some very nice sized Spanish Mackerel. As an added bonus the Chula bite has gotten much better. Very light angling pressue was reported.

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo weather: Cool mornings

Sea Conditions: High tides with Large Swells

Bait Supply: Good.

Stan Lushinsky

 Mar 2, 2008; 03:07PM - Ixtapa Zihuatanejo fish report
 Category:  Mexico Ixtapa Zihuatanejo
 Author Name:  Stan

FEBRUARY 27, 2008

Cold green water continues to put a damper on the fishing in Ixxtapa Zihuatanejo. The offshore fishing has been hit and miss with Billfish counts falling way off. Captain Jose on the La Bamba reported a 2 Dorado day while the Vamonos 2 reported 1 SAILFISH and 3 Dorado in three offshore days. Captain Chiro on the Bloody Hook after coming off a respectable week posting 7 SAILFISH and 8 DORADO reported very slow action as far south as Puerto Vincentee Guerrero where he landed a single Dorado in 1 offshore day. Captain Temo on the Secuestro reported 1 Sailfish, 5 Spanish Mackerel, 5 Yellowtail jacks and Several Bonito in 5 days. Captain Adolofo on the Dos Hermanos turned his attention to inshore finding good numbers of small ( 10 - 15 Lb) Roosterfish north to Saladitas. The fish were aggressively taking MEGABAIT jigs. Captain Adolofo's single best day was a 14 Count on Roosterfish. There also continues to be some Chulas around the offshore rock which is a sure sign that the waters continues to cool down. Several Blue Marlin were reported last week but anglers are searching long distance and putting in long hours to find several fish. No reports of the big yellowfin Tuna as of this date.

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo weather: Cool mornings followed by beautiful days

Sea Conditions: Calm

Bait supply: Fair

Stan Lushinsky

 Jan 31, 2008; 12:21AM - Ixtapa/Zihuataneo Sportfishing Report
 Category:  Mexico Ixtapa Zihuatanejo
 Author Name:  Stan Lushinsky

JANUARY 30, 2008

The blue water continues to move closer to shore and our captains reported very good conditions just 5 miles from the bay. Action continues to be hot with SAILFISH and DORADO still dominating the fishing report.Captain Cheva on the Dos Hermanos 2 took top honors for the week landing 21 SAILFISH and 4 Dorados in 6 offshore days. Captain Adolofo fishing a combination of both inshore and offshore tallied 4 SAILFISH, 3 Dorados. 14 ROOSTERFISH, 25 Yellowtail Jacks and 2 Spanish Mackerel in 6 days. Captain Candelerio on the super panga Leydy totaled 6 Sailfish in 2 offshore days. Captain Temo on the Secuestro with fly fishing clients reported 6 Sailfish, 1 Dorado and 1 Striped Marlin in 5 offshore days. Captain Chiro on the Bloody Hook continued his hot performance with 15 Sailfish, 8 Dorado and 1 striped marlin in 4 Offshore days.

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Weather: Sunny with Temps in the high 80ís

Sea Conditons: Calm

Bait Supply: Excellent

Stan Lushinsky

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