Category:  Mexico Cabo San Lucas
 Author Name:  MARK RAYOR
 Author E-mail:  Vseasport@aol.com
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Knowing when to fold em

We had not been fishing for a few days when I heard
chatter on the VHF that the fleet was experiencing the
best blue marlin bite of the season. With no charters
on the horizon for a couple more days I decided to go
out and give it a look. Reportedly the best bite was
near the buoys off Pescadero.

It was not hard to find the spot because when we
arrived there was already about a half dozen boats
slow trolling baits around the area. It only took a few
minutes and we hooked a sailfish. The action seemed
slow though and it didn't appear the other boats were
hooking up.

Later in the morning we hooked a marlin. It was about
the same time that word came out on the radio there
was a huge comarilla (feeding frenzy in spanish) of
striped marlin off the high spot of La Ribera. I could
hear the skippers in that area talking and it sounded
like the bite was full speed. One by one the boats in
our area pealed off in the direction of La Ribera until
we were alone. The chatter on the radio continued
and it sound like everybody was hooked up and many
of the boats had already released several fish.

Okay, what to do. The run to the hot spot off La
Ribera was only about a half hour. Should we join the
fleet or wait for the fish to show? With clients we
probably would have left a long time ago and headed
for the sure thing. I liked my cards though. All alone
with no traffic in the area where several blue marlin
were landed the day before. I decided to stand pat
and play the day out where we were. Looking back
maybe we should have folded and made the move.
We never had another bite. That's fishing!

Later in the week one of my best buddies, Spa Buena
Vista home owner Jim Bull fished Jen Wren III. Jim had
much better luck trolling live skippys off La Ribera
and finished the day with 3 sailfish and a couple
small dorado.

The hot bite had been going on for almost a week
when Spa Buena Vista home owner Matt Clifton
arrived with the goal of catching a striped marlin on
the fly. Matt is an accomplished fly fishing guide and
my thoughts were that his timing might just be
perfect. We spent the day slow trolling live baits
without hooks with the idea we could tease the marlin
closer to the boat to give Matt a shot with his fly. As
luck would have it the fish decided to play hard ball
that day. In the course of the day three marlin came
in and kamikazied baits off our lines so fast there was
no time to react. It was frustrating for me to not be
able to give an angler that can handle a fly rod so well
at least a shot. That's fishing!

Mark Rayor